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America & Israel

World War III

Is it time for the U. S. to call for a cease fire in Israel? In my opinion the answer is no. The reason I say no is that Israel was attacked and they have the right to defend themselves to the bitter end. The Lebanon government should have stopped the Hezbollah a long time ago, and if they did not have the power to stop Hezbollah on their own they should have asked for help. Ignoring terrorist like Hezbollah is very similar to ignoring child molesters. If the world ignores terrorists, child molesters, rapist, murders, etc.. The problem will only get worse. On the other hand if we address the issues quickly and decisively we could rid our country and the world of violent people that prey on innocent and law abiding citizens.

Is it time for the U.S. to close the Mexico and Canada border? In my opinion the answer is yes. I believe that illegal immigration needs to be stopped. I agree that America needs these people to work in various industries, however if it is easy for illegal immigrants to sneak across the border, then it is just as easy for terrorists to sneak across the border which could cause America to lose her freedom as we will all begin to live the lives of the people in Iraq, Iran, Israel, etc..

Perhaps by closing the Mexico border it would force the Mexican government to address issues of corruption etc.. Mexico has lots of resources, however they fail to take care of their citizens and their country. Instead of taking care of business, they promote and aid their citizens to cross the border and send money home. I would venture to say that if Mexico was not corrupt and jobs were available in Mexico; Mexican citizens would not want to leave their home country. Yes there would still be a few that want to leave, but not as many as there are now.

These are just a couple of many issues that America is presently debating. If you would like to have your voice count please visit

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